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Default Back Strip

Originally Posted by DamianL View Post
Every time I see a fiddle back style, I want a centre strip...itís great either way, but I canít help but think it looks unfinished with out one...and having had this explanation maybe now I know why!
Thanks for commenting DamianL.

Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
I'm with John here, part of my bug about symmetry.
I like balance which I suppose may be a cousin of symmetry.

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Snazzy wood indeed!

Thanks Ukejon! Speaking of snazzy wood I picked out the wood and designed the back strip today. I am doing a Cocobolo back strip. Typically, I do cross grained center laminates on the necks. I thought I'd carry that arrangement right through to the back laminate. This fiddleback is such a strong and uniform figure doing something a little more random for the back strip would really stand out. So then it was time to pick the actual piece of Cocobolo wood:

This is a little piece I'd been saving for something special. The block is about 3" x 5" and 3/4" thick. The figuring in the top left corner is called "cloud figuring" which brings just the kind of randomness I'm looking for. That cloud is about 2" long and goes all the way through. I can slice this down into enough pieces to make both the back strip and the center laminate on the neck.

Here is a close up for the back:

And a broader view:

I'll have purfling on either side when I lay it in. Glad I saves that piece of wood!
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