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Originally Posted by Bax Burgess View Post
The link works. Don't know the brand. It looks very nice. Solid top? Double back and sides? Shallow break angle over the saddle, string ties would help, maybe improve the sound a bit. I've found that the increase from 3 to 5/7 degrees makes a difference.
The voice is very much like Willie's "Trigger" in that it has a powerful throw for a nylon string instrument.

Not sure what "double back" means though.

I've replaced the original plastic nut with bear shin bone material I stumbled upon in the woods here where I live, while on a fishing expedition.

As far as the break angle, I was sure to keep the witness point rather sharp to improve clarity and not allow any remnants or ghost notes. When playing any guitar..... or bass for that matter.... I pull a scrunchy over the headstock to keep the wolf notes away.

I don't think I have a shallow breakover problem......but thanks for the headsup.

With the final tailings of summer now here in the Bitterroot, and I've got a couple of 000-style pre 1930s guitars to repair, and since "the cobbler's kids go barefoot"... I can only work on my own stuff in the coming winter.

Then again.... the trout are calling me............ by name.................;D
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