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Cool Ever Heard of "Kasuga" Guitars?

I was in Japan in 1968 and wandered in to The New Odion Music store and bought a relatively inexpensive classic guitar to keep onboard the ship I was on.

The name ... in Japanese... is translated to "Kasuga Cherry Blossum Model" in English.

I've had it all these years and kept it in decent condition with the exception of having put a pickguard on it that later on pulled off...... taking some of the wood with it.

That's no big problem since I'll eventually refinish it in the next few months to repair it anyway.

Just wondering if anyone's ever heard of Kasuga guitars?

Here's some pixs of it....unfortunately even though I've had to put them in the cloud, I cannot post them here unless by this link:

Let me know if this link works.... I can see them but that doesn't mean anyone else can! I'm not very good at posting photos.

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