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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
As a fellow Aussie I'm super pleased Dan got a win but things may have been a little different if Bottas had started on pole.

Also a lot of respect to Dan's team mate Lando Norris - he has clearly outdriven Ricciardo all this season and to hold back, not challenge him and finish 2nd despite having never won a Grand Prix himself shows amazing control and team dedication.

I would have been equally happy if they'd finished Norris-Ricciardo 1-2.
Maybe. Max was on pole, but was beat at the first corner by Riccardo, and then could not get past him. Daniel's McLaren was pretty fleet. Then again, if Max had taken the lead, he might have had enough "ommph" to pull awa. Bottas as well, if he had been at the front.

Hats off to Norris, who has been one of my favorite drivers to watch this year. And while he out performed Riccardo for most of the year, something has switched on with Daniel since the summer break. Lando's time will come. Good to see McLaren rounding back into form.
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