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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
I'm seeing a little game developed between Bottas and Mercedes since they informed him he won't be with them next year.

Firstly he posted a fastest race lap last week when ordered to back off so Lewis could gain the extra point.

At Monza he was fastest again and won the sprint race putting him on pole ... until the team decided to change components on his car which relegated him to the very back of the grid.

And in a stunning drive he came from dead last to finish 3rd!

Looks to me like he's out to prove something.
Well, Mercedes did decide to do the upgrades and take the penalty prior to friday qualifying at Monza, so it was not done because he was on pole. But otherwise I do think that there is something to your theory. Sadly, he has had a rough season so far, and he could not come through when it might have saved his drive. Now that things have been sorted, he must feel like he is out from under a lot of pressure. I'm sure that he wanted Mercedes to know what the have let go. He did back off at the end of that fastest lap, (unfortunately not quit enough and still was fastest). He also played the team game at Monza by repeatedly giving Hamilton a tow during qualifying.I am sure that he will support Hamilton and the race for the Constructors, but with a little bit of "me" in there as well.
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