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Originally Posted by JayBee1404 View Post
The HD-28V has a long drop-in saddle. It looks like a cut-through but, unlike a true cut-through saddle, it sits in a routed ‘pocket’ in the bridge. It isn’t glued-in, it’s drop-in.

A UST isn’t a good solution because it would require a recess equal to the length of the transducer strip to be cut in the bottom of the saddle, which can cause problems in achieving a consistent pressure, and hence a consistent signal, along its length.
Originally Posted by Zneipp View Post
Do you have any suggestions for a good pickup besides a K&K pure mini?
Sorry, I don’t. I dumped USTs years ago, and I hate soundhole pickups. I like a pickup that’s as uninvasive as possible so, since 2007, I’ve used only K&K Pure pickups - nothing under the saddle to degrade acoustic tone, no ugly lump of metal or plastic across the soundhole, no batteries, no barn-doors, no on-board controls to act up and go duff. K&Ks work fine for me but I don’t play in loud bands so…

The usual disclaimers apply......IMHO, YMMV etc.

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