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Originally Posted by Zneipp View Post
Thanks Jim, I'll check out the Lyric. I actually have an M80 pickup in their right now, and it does the job, but not the organic sound I'm looking for. Would the K&K Mini SBT work in my guitar? I've always heard good things about them.
I think they are great pickups but you do need a good preamp for it to sound it's best. There's a lot of talk about impedance issues and only using a K&K matched preamp. I have a K&K "Pure XLR" preamp and it will certainly work well with the K&K Mini but I've been using (and prefer) the LR Baggs Session DI with the high pass filter set at 80. Helps ease out some of the bottom end. I use the Session DI every week. With phantom power it's a no brainer. XLR out to the stage box to the board. Simple and sounds like the guitar I'm playing...just louder. Best of luck!
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