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Originally Posted by Odedi View Post
Oh, that's because I have a small soundport on the upper side !
I should try and cover that too,
however I am afraid it will kill the tone.
Hi Odedi

I've got small side ports on two guitars, and they do not affect feedback that I've ever detected (and I play in bands with the main soundhole covered).

As mentioned, pitch specific, escalating, overpowering frequencies can best be controlled with parametric EQ, or distancing one's self from the source of the guitar hearing itself.

If it's triggered by a stage monitor, the monitor can be turned down or moved. If by a personal stage amplifier, then reposition it to behind yourself so your body shields the guitar from it. I run stage amps knee to waist high and 4-6 feet behind me. My body shields the guitar's body from hearing itself.

If it's being triggered by the mains you may have to move away from the speaker proximity some. If there are subs, sound techs seem to want to run them very hot and pump the bass into the room at decibel levels which trigger feedback in audience members as well as guitars.

This is a major source of feedback for acoustic guitars.

Also depending on the sophistication of one's gear, or the PA board capability, you may be able to deal with it by notching it out.

Most digital boards can produce quite narrow notches, and my ToneDexter with the latest update now identifies and isolates the likely frequencies to 'sing' (howl) and pre-assigns them to the notch filter.

Here is a string by string (1st string-treble) at top going down to the bass. Even though it's not listed, if you are in dropped D, the low D would be around 73Hz (cycles per second).

I have a simpler chart somewhere which lists only the open strings, and if I can find it, I'll post it. They are usually the culprits anyway.

EDIT Found it… EDIT

Added both of these to my 'favorites' in my phone photos just now…

Hope this helps the discussion…


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