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Default Journey OC660M

Originally Posted by ac View Post
To keep the size small enough to fit in an overhead--and yet have a classical full scale length, Journey moved the bridge further down on the main body.

You might be able to compare the steel and nylon versions better from this photo from their website. Look at the bridge placement.

That is interesting AC. Thanks for that.
Emerald made the X7 I own a standard scale nylon guitar by moving the bridge.
Iíve seen some discussion concerning the generally accepted ideal bridge placement to optimize tone. My X7 and the Journey nylon defy that preconception.
I wonder if string scale plays a greater role in tone than bridge placement when considering a small, nylon strung, carbon fiber guitar.
Apparently, Journey believes it does. I have to believe when they made the prototypes they compared scale length vs bridge placement,etc. and the resulting tone.

Iím curious how these Journey nylons sound.
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