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Default A Very Little Progress

Gosh, it's hard to believe that this project has been on the shelf since November of last year! So much unprecedented things happening all over the place. I really hope everybody is staying safe and doing okay through this strange and unusual season in history. Things have been so very hectic; but I couldn't get rid of the itch to make a little progress on this project; so, I dusted off my work bench...

The easiest thing was to get the label glued back into place. I was originally going to replace the label by printing a new one; however, the original label peeled off quite nicely...completely dried out and brittle, but the back of the label was reinforced with a layer of plastic tape which was in-turn secured to the back with CA glue.

For this project, I opted for the K&K Twin Spot piezo pick-up. Really excited to be using K&K products for the first time. Heard a lot of good things about them. The black bottle to the right is a bottle of dry Loctite which is applied to the threads of the output jack to ensure the screws don't loosen-up as the guitar is being played.

Everything is looking to be in good order. I should be able to glue the back into place next weekend. That will be followed by a re-radiusing of the fret board, installation of new frets, new fret board bindings, freshening up of the age-old lacquer finish, new tuning machines, final assembly and testing. Still a ways to go, but it's good to take a few steps forward! Stay safe everybody!
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