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I must have missed that whole memory erasing thing. Or, maybe they didn't have much to work with?

I remember my other Emeralds. Yes, I have even played them since the arrival of the X10. Each one brings something unique. Unlike my buddy Evan, I have not been searching for "the one." Oh, I thought this X10 might be a guitar that would step to the forefront with its in-between size and Level 2 pickups... but each of these Emeralds has something special; something that makes you want to pick it up.

The X20 just rumbles. I like to feel the power of this guitar as it vibrates against my chest and stomach. It is what an acoustic guitar should sound like.

The X10 is smaller, with a smaller acoustic sound. The feel of the neck is my favorite part of this guitar. The Level 2 pickups have a learning curve - it is not just plug and play. As I spend more time with it plugged in, I am rewarded with a variety of tones. Great ergonomics.

The X7 (previous generation) is just SO darn comfortable. It doesn't put out as much sound as the other two, but it is more than this petite instrument should do. I love this guitar. Great, balanced tone. It is "the little engine that could."

This new one has its work cut out for it. I played a bunch of combinations of settings with the pickups this morning. Well, until those strings left my fingers sore... I will be changing those out sooner rather than later.

Good thing I wasn't looking for "the one." I'm happy with "the three."