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I don't know enough about the different types of bracing. But we have to recognize that every piece of wood has unique fiber structure, and thus unique tonal nodes. Regardless of the bracing all the elements have to come together. Then you add the elements of age, strings and picks... and how can you come to a singular conclusion?

I have a 2011 Taylor 614ce and have no idea what type of bracing is in it. I'd like to know, but it wouldn't change my opinion of the instrument.

In anyone's opinion, especially with the higher end Taylors, are the "improvements" over earlier models that significant? And, does anyone find that the changes in a particular model over the years warrant a name or designation change? As an example, my buddy has a 614ce with a three piece back (mine's 2 piece) and his headstock has a finger joint where mine has a scarf joint. His has a much different pickup system (with AA batteries) while mine has the ES1 and now the ES2 is current. Now bracing changes? I'm perplexed as to how these two similar but completely different guitars, except for the wood and the body shape how they (and older versions yet) could still be called the by the same model name?
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