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Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
I've been going back and forth between commissioning a 000-12 and 00-12. My main thinking here is to get some of the great trebles and mids of a 00-12 but with a bit more bass. With the 000-12 reviews from TAMCO, I'm definitely intrigued. Anyone out there with experience on both body styles from Circa?
Both will have great trebles and mids. The big thing that separates 00s and 000s for me is increased clarity. To me his 00s have a quicker response and little less air. Those things appeal to me for recording/repertoire reasons.

One thing I think should be mentioned here is that going with a 00 from John doesnt mean you can't have an equally amazing low-end. His are the most powerful and versatile of that body size I've ever played. When I AB'd Al Petteway's 00 and 000, we both felt the 00 had more low end. Of course, that's not always the case - the 000 I played at schoenberg's was best played on the bench outside to avoid knocking his shop down.

Another thing to consider is ...would the 00 be more likely to fill a void than the 000 would?
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