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Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
I will also be doing what I can to play more Circas to jog my tonal memory.
Jim and Al were gracious enough to allow me to play their Circas and I learned a lot from the experience. Try to get a hold of Jim's 00, if he doesn't mind. I've also played the HGF one and I actually like his a little bit more (both were otherworldly).

It'd be really interesting for you to play that one side-by-side with his Adi/ Madrose OM. That was one brute of an OM. Vintage through and through! It has a VERY strong fundamental with a massive low-end. Tons of power and projection. I can't imagine you connecting with the OM nearly as much as his 00, which I thought was pretty "modern" by comparison. That's a testament to John's skills as a tone sculptor, for sure. Al's 00 Euro/Maple is in the top 3 of best guitars I've ever played. His most recent 000 is over the top. As far as I'm concerned, John's last name is Allstate. You're in good hands..
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