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Originally Posted by Feste View Post
Ahhh... the 70s. There will never be another decade like it musically. I hear what some of you are saying about the 60s. However, coming of age during the 70s was nothing short of magical musically
Even with disco and punk?!!!

I was only 5 in 1971, and yet I own all but six of the records on that list. But I'll take the '60s anytime over any other decade. There were so many different genres, but it was all good. But the '70s? The first 5 years of the '70s was a golden age for prog and the last few years saw the rise of the NWOBHM and post-punk set the stage for a mod revival drawing heavily on the mid-60s. Heavy rock still prospered with the likes of Heep, Purple, Rush and Led Zep and it was a good time for singer songwriters, especially in the US. However, in the UK, in the mid-70s all we were subjected to on the radio was disco and punk and John Peel became a complete hypocrite and slammed prog and psychedelia, which remains unforgivable in my book.
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