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Originally Posted by Emil View Post
Yes, the’ve played great so far and so has The Canes. Cant figure out how good Toronto really are. I would like to see them play against teams like Bruins, Bolts or maybe Islanders.

Who do you think would rolle the dice on Hall?
Im hoping to see Getzlaf as a third center in Colorado.
And i think Jarnkrok could be a good match in a second or third line in Pittsburg.
That's what I heard on talk radio yesterday - it's difficult to judge how good Toronto is because they're playing in what is considered a weak division. I mean Edmonton won all 9 games this season against Ottawa! That's 18 points for them. Edmonton and Toronto have look great but they've beat up on poor teams whereas Boston/Pittsburgh/Washington/Islanders have had to play each other.

I don't know who will pick up Hall. I read that the Islanders, Bruins, and Panthers might be interested if the Sabres pick up some of his remaining salary (1 year contract). He's a great player but never got much support from his team.
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