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In reassessing my hand tools I am trying not to miss any categories. Layout tools are a big one. Since I do so much one off work I don't use many jigs and templates. I am often laying out my designs right on the piece of wood or shell that I am going to cut. Layout tools specifically for wood are most often the best. I bought a number of these newer woodworking rules which are working out well. Here is why:

First off they are red so they are easy to find, easy to read. The scale runs to twelve inches on one side and is a center scale on the other side.

The indexed edge has a 30% bevel which reduces parallax and overhead light reflections making it easier to read

The bottom has a slight recess so the rule grips flat surfaces better

There are finger indents on top so it's easier to push it around

There are accessory items available like this attachable end hook and adjustable measure stop. These accessories work with the 24" rule and the T-square as well

A good cut starts with an accurate layout. These make life a little easier!
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