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Default So What does a Twenty Dollar Pair of Tweezers Get You?

As woodworkers we all have lots of crappy tweezers somewhere around in the shop. Splinters are inevitable especially with some woods like Wenge and this Bloodwood (aptly named) I am currently working with. A splinter starts the search for those crappy tweezers and a pin. The tweezers usually come from some pharmacy and cost a couple bucks. The jaws don't really line up and the tweezers roll around in your hand (especially your left hand) while you're trying to use them. The pin is typically caked up with old cured CA glue that you have to scrape off to get back down to the point.
Then the excavation begins to get the stupid splinter out and after too much time you are finally back to work. Within a couple minutes you see a wet streak of blood soaking into the spruce top that used to be ready for finish. Seems the hole you dug to get that splinter out did more damage than the splinter did. Now you have to put a piece of tape or a spot of CA on it so you can get back to work.

I have a new eye in my studio for identifying old crappy tools so I can replace them with better more useful tools. I'll make better guitars that way. So what does a better pair of tweezers look like?:

For twenty bucks you can get tweezers like these, except they are now called splinter forceps. The handle is wide and flat so they don't roll in your hand and the jaws don't wonder side to side. They come with a probe that stays protected inside its steel handle.

The teeth line up perfectly and there is a guide pin which makes sure the jaws stay perfectly aligned.

The three sided sharp pointed probe is very rigid and easy to control holding the textured handle.

Get the right tool for the job!
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