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Originally Posted by stuartb View Post
I'm glad that your guitar is now moving through the build process. I have had a wonderful time playing my franklin om lately. I primarily play it in Standard or Drop D tuning. I think you ended up with a standard length right - at 25.4 - As recall you were considering a slightly shorter version.

The wood looks like it's going to have a great deal of character - and I know it will be such a pleasure for you to get to know its voice, whether treble or base, when it arrives!

all the best,

Yes I did go with standard 25.4" scale. What woods are your OM? So happy you love it. I'm getting really anxious!!!!

I'm really curious how it's gonna sound since Nick is building it for lighter strings. I did tell him that I really hate that thin really bright sound you get from the unwound strings on lots of guitars. I like a bit of warmth and depth in the treble range. I love it when you finger notes in the upper registers on the treble strings and you get that nice lingering reverb. We'll see how this one sounds. Cheers.
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