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Originally Posted by soma5 View Post
I would love to work with Nick to build a new guitar! Congratulations. I have an old Franklin OM, koa and Engelmann. I will say without any hesitation that Nick is one of the premier luthiers on the planet at this time. My guitar sings. There is no other way to put it.

I bet my hands are smaller than yours, but an OM with the standard scale is a special kind of guitar. There's a certain punch that it is capable of that it is harder to find with a short-scale guitar.

I am envious of your new guitar, but it comes from a place of owning a Franklin, and from playing several Franklins. What a great experience!

This is so very cool.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your guitar. I totally agree that Nick is a brilliant luthier. His instruments have such a unique tone, which has changed a bit over the years. But they all still have that Kukich vibe...hard to describe. Superbly balanced with the sweetest trebles and rich resonance. And the playability is insane. I was floored by how little effort it took to fret his guitars. So glad you love your Koa. I bet it does just sing!
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