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Default Russel Crosby- Multi-Scale Build

I have been down the baritone rabbit hole for a few years now, having bought and sold quite a few in that time. A couple were pretty darn close to what I was looking for, like the Kingslight baritone I sold a few months ago. However, there were things about each I trued that persuaded me that I should keep looking. You know how that goes. Perhaps that is the prime symptom of G.A.S. Then I just missed out on a Lowden that I thought would be right up my alley. So, I finally decided to commission a build. I considered a few different luthiers but so many were beyond my financial wherewithal. Then I got to know Russel Crosby from the woods of Nova Scotia. We began planning back in October. The idea was to build a multi-scale version of his FS model with a spruce top and Walnut back and sides. I kept thinking this will probably be my only shot at a custom baritone, so I decide to go all-in and found some really nice and reasonably priced Koa. Other specs include a cutaway, beveled armrest and a Manzer wedge. The neck is Walnut and the top is AAA Lutz. Russel is such a consummate artist and luthier and I think the results thus far bear that out.

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