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Originally Posted by Mandobart View Post
That's quite a wild assumption. Just because I play bluegrass, you assume I only play bluegrass. I started as a classical violinist decades ago. I expanded to folk/blues/rock guitar, bass in a jazz ensemble and rock band, bluegrass fiddle, guitar, then mandolin.

Mandolin (and resonator mandolin, banjolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello) is/are my main instrument(s) now for bluegrass, gypsy jazz, swing, old time, Irish trad, Itallian (folk and classical) and Nordic folk (though my 10 string Hardanger fiddle gets the most play in that last genre).

The best musicians in any genre I've played with are the gypsy jazz people. Bluegrassers are a close second.
Hmm, actually I was making no assumptions at all, but merely responding to your critique with my own. But thanks for the curricula vitae

I've started a hardanger fdl thread on MC fiddle group) -

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