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Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
The op is a guitar player.
The mandola is a mandolin family
So learning will be new. Not a rehash of guitar chords.
I agree... But only if the OP decides to tune in fifths.

Since the discussion seems to (mostly) be about the advantages of either guitar- or fifths-intervals tunings, if the OP decides to pursue fifths tuning, "learning will be new," as you say.

If the OP decides to pursue guitar-interval tunings a la Tommy Tedesco, then learning *will* be a rehash of guitar chords.

It's not my instrument nor my money which purchased, so I have no strong feelings about the OP pursuing either. I do play both tunings and both instruments.

Still, having experience in the tuning, and knowing how capable CGDA jazz tenor banjo players are, I recently tackled the Vince Guaraldi composition "Skating" on full-fifths CGDA mandola as a jazz chord melody piece. I will never discourage someone from getting a perfect set-up on a mandola and then playing in CGDA using the full range of the fretboard.
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