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Originally Posted by Victory Pete View Post
One thing I have noticed, the guitar with the flat top is very open, responsive and bassy, it would be great for finger picking. I think this indicates that the top is loose, I suppose from not have any stress in a radiused top. The other guitar with a small amount of dome to it's top, is very punchy and tight, that is how I like them being a strummer.
I am going to try something different on the current guitar I am building. The top after being braced has a slight radius to it now. To guarantee it stays this way while gluing to the sides I am going to put in a threaded brace jack to keep this radius while I clamp and glue in the Gobar deck. I may simply put one on the center of the X brace or put two under the bridge with a caul I have. This way if I ended up with a top that has no radius again I can persuade it to have one. I think doing this will also put some stress into the top making it stiffer.
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