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Originally Posted by NormanKliman View Post
I donít really understand your post. What are you disagreeng with?

Transcriptions have improved in the last 20 years or so, but when the music gets just a little challenging, transcribers are bound to make mistakes. I think those who can learn to do it are better off transcribing things themselves. Aside from accuracy, it develops musical skills in another way.
Spoon fed as a bad thing.

Life is short and very few of us will be any more than couch or backyard players.
Why on earth always take the hard road?
What will that really get you in the end?
Some here just want to learn a song, play it and move on.

I do agree modern tabs still leave a lot to be desired.
That is why I look at so many different ones.
And watch so many different versions.
It is still a process and a lot of time and work.
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