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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
I listened to the first song on your soundcloud page, "Tous les garcons et les filles" I think your guitar playing is fine. It doesn't detract from your singing.

I have heard really good vocals, melodies and lyrics get killed by the terrible playing of the performer.

As a finger style player I have found the best way to improve my guitar playing is to practice the sticky parts in super slow motion.

You may want to try learning a few slow and easy finger style pieces. Your guitar playing won't be "hiding" behind your voice and your attention will be on just the guitar so you'll be able to pick up on little things to polish up. Record yourself as well. You hear more that way.
Thank you. I'll try a few fingerstyle. Classical counts, right? Like Greensleeves? I took a 7th grade guitar class and it's stuck with me, so I can read a few notes.
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