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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
If you look at the log as it lies there on the beach it looks like many you have seen yourself. Then someone comes along not only knowing what kind of tree that is/was but also takes a little off here and there, in the right fashion of course and what you get to see is a surface that looks loke a really nice top even in the raw... is that trial and error or can you actually get clues as to which log to cut into and which one not ? Fascinating !
I think he has a locals advantage of knowing the shipping lanes and what woods are being logged in the area. Western Red Cedar is an easy one to identify. If you just crack a piece open and smell it and start thinking school pencils you know it's probably WRC. You can even hear it's WRC by the noise it makes when he splits it.

Happy New Year everyone!

I haven't posted on the Josie "Tree" guitar recently. I'm just doing final clean up on it now and thought some pictures of this one would be nice to ring in the new year!

Thanks for viewing!
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