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Originally Posted by ArchtopLover View Post
My 1949 Epiphone Blackstone is a very loud and "brassy" sounding archtop, in comparison my L-50's. Where as my L-50s have a more delicate and developed overall tone, especially in the upper and midrange register, the Epiphone is a cannon. It just blasts out gobs of sound; a real noise machine.

If you absolutely need to be heard over that Godforsaken banjo, then this is the jazz box for you .

There is an exact copy of my Blackstone on eBay right now for about $1695.00, I think. A reasonable and fair price for this vintage and quality.
It looks to be in good playable condition, check it out, if this is the tone shape you prefer.
Hmm, I will mostly play it solo and for writing, no real need for loudness, so I think I'll stick to Gibson, as "delicate" seems closer to what I am looking for.
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