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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
..I know it is most probably a typo, but I like the idea of a “wodsmam” ;-)
seeing, that most all guitars are a “she” anyway, referred to as “her” ... in german the article is feminine... so why not a wodsmam?
Either way those are/will be cool.
It's true that guitars seem to always be referred to as feminine. I always just accepted that guitars were feminine, my models were Penelope, Josie, Greta, Piña, and Bella. About five years ago I was making a custom Josie and it was the first guitar I've made that struck me as having more of a masculine affect:

I think it's the dark and smooky look that does it as well as the sharper edges of the abalone inlays it had:

The masculine vs feminine thought stuck with me ever since. When I designed my Baritone I named the model Bacchus and you can see I carried the more masculine design aspects into this one:

I even started sharpening up some of the edges of the bridge design for this purpose:

When I started designing this retro 00 with the old woods and traditions and techniques I took the masculinity theme to the next level. Of course "The Woodsman" really was my way to confirm how my thinking worked around this model. Luckily, it connects with the folks that have been buying it!

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