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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
Hi Mark,
your woodsman looks like the essence of a guitar, just the fundamentals, old techniques, hardly any embelishments or bling, but old wood that looks like it’s old (in a good way of matured, ripe).. looking forward to seeing this one finished and to hear it hopefully.
Thanks Lonzo, I love making this Woodsman guitar. It is a big contrast to my other work in design, building technique, and concept. It’s proven to be a good seller. It sounds great and what I’ve learned making this one is influencing my other work.

I’m considering adding on to expand my Woodsman line. I’d like to add to this 00 model. I could do an 0 and a 000. Then I’d offer a Wodsmam, Woodsman and Wooodsman. OK I know the names would be stupid.

Originally Posted by BrianM99 View Post
Hi Lonzo - I echo your sentiments 100%, and that's why I ordered mine (which you see above). When I saw Mark's work on the earlier Woodsman builds, it just seemed to check all the boxes. I'm looking forward to playing my guitar in the near future and for many years to come.
I’m glad to hear that! I started putting finish on today.

Originally Posted by Treenewt View Post
Mark, I love seeing your posts of your work with handtools...those shots with the plane are wonderful! The character in that old!

Also, that Woodsman is FIRE. I SOOO dig that design!
Thanks Treenewt, I can tell you I love working with those hand tools!

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