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Originally Posted by vpolineni View Post
I think I know that person. Legend has it that the Kinnaird Guitars workshop was never the same after his time there!

I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm so glad that you decided to take the plunge and be the second student builder with Steve and Ryan. Reading through your day 1 recap brought a lot of memories back to my time there-mostly good with a healthy dose of PTSD!

I won't spoil the rest of your story to be told but you have chosen some amazing woods and are off to the races on what will be a great sounding OM!
Hey Vasu! I canít thank you enough for DMíing me and encouraging me to contact Steve. This has truly been the opportunity of a lifetime. I canít wait to meet up and play our student builds together and compare notes in a few months.

Originally Posted by WilbornGuitars View Post
Wow. That is some serious progress in just a few days. Beautiful woods- particular fond of Lutz. Sounds like a fun week. I hope I get to hear it some day!
Thanks for stopping by, Ben! That was actually just 1 dayís work. Ryan is pretty good at whip-cracking and keeping Steve and me on task.

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Wish I was there to watch. This sounds like soooo much fun! Congrats on your build and thanks so much for posting!
Thanks, Cigarfan! I saw some pics of your commission this week and ďspectacularĒ doesnít begin to describe it.

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Oh to be 40 again... "You kids today!" hahahaha

This is going to be the birthday you always remember. And what a souvenir you will have!!!

Plus Steve and Ryan are such nice folks. I really enjoyed meeting them at B.I.G.

Be careful, this could be addictive


Hey Paul! You came up in conversation a number of times this week (always good, of course). Steve and Ryan are both stellar guys and youíre right, this IS addictive.

Originally Posted by mikealpine View Post
What a fantastic experience! If TX is open when I turn 60 ina few years, I may have to see if I can work something like this out. Enjoying your adventure!
Thanks, Mike! In small town East Texas itís easy to forget about a lot of the craziness in the world right now. Iím sure they would love to have you!
- john

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