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Originally Posted by mhw48 View Post
Nick attaches the neck to the body with bolts, which, he says, has gotten him a lot of grief over the span of his career. Especially at the start in the early 70's, when he was an unknown builder not yet 20 years old, anything that departed from the techniques used by Martin was considered heresy. "Who does that kid think he is?!?"
Nick can build with with a traditional dovetail neck joint, but chooses not to for several reasons. He feels that the the way he attaches the neck actually produces a tighter, firmer contact between the heel of the neck and the body of the guitar. And, of course, a neck reset can be done much faster with a bolt on neck.
In any case, it seems to have served him well, since 49 years later he's still using it.
That's a cool factoid. I always assumed Bob Taylor was the one who pioneered the use of bolt-on necks. Wonder if Nick's (or others) use of bolt-on necks pre-dated Taylor. Just curious about the historical timing...
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