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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Hanter sent me a PM yesterday asking all about the "Pablo Package".

Here is the FULL INFO:

The John Kinnard "Pablo Package" continues to evolve and now includes:

Gotoh Mini 510 18:1 tuners with full size wood or plastic buttons
Back, Arm and Cutaway bevels,
Chamfered, bull nosed body edges
sound port,
12 fret cut,
Double sides with lightest weight inner sides. I ask for Spanish Cedar which is super light and smells good too.
elevated floating Fretboard and
Carbon Fiber struts from neckblock to waist to free up the top.
asymmetrical super slim carve neck (I have small hands). with a Hollow CF D-Tube and NO truss rod
Rolled Fretboard edges for comfort
Manzer Wedge. 3/4"
All linings and laminated neck/end blocks are also SC for lightest weight
New, adjustable neck feature

John's new adjustable neck feature! Which is the most elegant I have seen, and eliminates the need for a neck set down the line in the future.

Also I LOVE the Gotoh 510 MINI 18:1 tuners with full size wood or plastic buttons. Save a bunch more weight off the top of the headstock.

Many of these features are for player comfort. The rest are to enhance Tone and VOLUME.

The floating Fretboard is elevated above the top like a violin family instrument or an archtop guitar. Which allows the entire top to move freely to make music, and eliminates the top from structural duties allowing lighter bracing and more movement.

The Carbon Fiber D tube replaces a normal truss rod. It should be plenty rigid to keep the neck from moving much under string tension.
And it saves considerable WEIGHT in the neck. Plus it can NOT be adjusted incorrectly by an incompetent Tech.

Any extra weight makes extended play difficult.
So I always ask John for the lightest build that will not blow up.

Especially with a 14 fret, unbalanced neck weight can make extended playing hard on your left arm. So mostly Spanish Cedar or light weight Mahogany for the neck, which will feature John's multiple laminations and Duck tail Volute for strength as well as good looks!

I would ask John for a 12 fret neck even with the fan Frets. In my experience (which is now considerable), I've never heard similar Guitars where the 12 fret did not sound better than the 14 Fret. Did the one you liked so much have 14 frets clear? All JKs sound wonderful, but I feel he works special magic on his 12 fret instruments. Ask him what HE thinks will sound best for you and what you do

John's 12 fret cutaways have about 13 1/2 frets worth of access due to the low profile neck heel. That is a big plus for performance.

Some of these features were John's suggestions. The rest I asked for to make my unamplified senior/health care and restaurant gigs easier. Of course for the time being the gigs are history... SIGH

Hope this all helps.

You are a real John Kinnaird walking encyclopedia Paul... thanks for all this! I'm sure many others would benefit from this info as well.

When I wrote to John and discussed the type of guitar I wanted - the tone, the applications, where it would be living in the next 5-10 years, what mattered (and what didn't), he was confident that he would build me something that would take all of that into consideration and also represent his work well. I have unequivocal trust in that, therefore a lot of these decisions will be left to him.

Happy luthier, happy Hanter!

Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
This list makes me tired just reading it
ok no full Pablo hahaha no problemo!
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