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I recently had a very enjoyable hour long phone call with Karan about speccing up an OM. He's a great guy to deal with and has access to such an exciting wood stash. We talked about doing an OM with a cutaway, modified for 12 fret neck join, with old growth Sitka top and either Spalted Tamarind or figured Indian Redwood back and sides. I was interested in trying to combine my favourite elements of my Matsuda M1 and a traditional 000 12fret. Who the hell knows if this is even possible!??? But Karan was very open to finding solutions to what I'm after. I've had to hit the pause button on this for the time being, but I hope to be in a position to hit the 'GO' button at some point soon. Karan is a very exciting builder who I'm following very closely.

Matsuda M1 Cutaway, Braz/Ital (2009)

Collings 0002H, IR/Sit (2012)
Collings 0002EC, IR/Ger (2000)
Taylor 324ce L10, Koa/Koa (2005)
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