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Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
... As silly as this may sound, it reminds me of a Tuxedo... I do not know why, it just has a very "formal" look. Classy in every way...
Thank you.

Your comment reminds me of when we first started selling guitars and the owners began to ask me to do some of the aesthetic design with or for them. I would become a human questionnaire on the relationship the guitar would have with them. I wanted to know if the guitar was to be a best friend for a certain amount of time? A wedding gift to oneself to be played in a wedding and the 50th anniversary? A weekend camping partner? A memory of someone you miss? A new friend for life? A college friend you plan to see once every 5 years? An instrument you plan to play at the bar or is this being played in your place of worship? Maybe it will only be the favorite piece of furniture that will be at the end of the couch to be seen or only occasionally to be heard? Maybe you want it to match your dogs coloring so it can become her friend, too. Guitars are special to each of us for so many reasons! So many questions are asked, but the answers let us know what woods to use and where you can cut costs, but also where you might not want to take a short cut. I remember one customer guided my thoughts more to the area that he wanted his guitar to look like it is in a tux this week, but it better be able to stand up with the guys on stage when the party starts for the rest of its life.

As we search for woods or just hang around the shop to 'tinker" with woods of different lands Tim and I are always intrigued with the difference in requests from one customer to the other. Some guys consider their guitars a great work of art. We don't create trees but sometimes the woods make eyes pop by the shock of the odd pattern or its amazing beauty. Of course, some woods are so amazingly beautiful but the sound is that of a cardboard thud that can make you grit your teeth, squint your eyes and cringe.

Tim and I like our job. I get to see the "real person" in our customers even if we never meet face to face. He gets to make their guitar as close as he can to the instrument they desire in the manner he sees fit.

I guess I don't need to pipe up in this thread. Our customer will pick his guitar up tomorrow afternoon and will soon be gone. I admit that we like the sound of this guitar. We invite all customers to send a clip of their guitar (no singing) so our webmaster can put it on the McKnight guitar site. It's always nice to hear McKnight guitars on AGF threads so we can all talk between ourselves.

As I am sure it is true with all luthiers and tag-along employees or wives like me we can admit it's just nice to smell the fresh cut woods.

Thank you to each of you who have joined the McKnight guitar family even if only for the few moments you joined us here.

🐟 ... make a joyful noise ...

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