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I played some more resonators today at a neat little mom n pop music store in Madison, WI, called The Spruce Tree. Much to my delight, they had more guitars and resonators than what I saw on their website. They had about 15 resonators total, both new and used, including some vintage models. I loved the V/Modified V neck that comes on the M-14T Thunderbox. And once again, I loved the sound of a 12 fret metal bodied National over all others I played. Now I just need to match that V neck shape to the metal body and Iím set. I did walk out with $40 + in some slides.

Great shop. Looking back, I wish I would have tried the Sheerhorn that was up on the shelf. But Iíll look for that NRP and maybe head back to The Spruce Tree if nothing else works out.
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