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I'm in this category two, lefty playing righty...

My guess for me is fretting hand techniques came easier once I got my guitar setup well and started making progress at lessons. Bends, slides, hammer ons, pull offs, etc.. are all going to be slightly easier at first for a lefty I think if you're playing righty.

But you might pay for it in the strumming/picking/fingerpicking.

Weird thing for me, I waited quite a long time to start fingerpicking, I think fingerpicking was actually easier for me. My awareness of where my fingers are doesn't seem to have been affected by it being my weaker hand.

Perhaps the thing that has had the biggest penalty for me is arpeggiating chords with a flatpick.. that has been a lot of work to get down. I also went through a phase where I had a lot of trouble learning to keep the flat pick from moving in my fingers when I did certain things.. I think that might have been related to weak hand usage, most of us aren't used to controlling a "tool" in our off hand with that kind of fine motor skill.
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