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Originally Posted by 58spdstr View Post

I wonder about not just bracing, but peones, no form/jig for gluing on sides, a relatively large neck block, hide glue, varnish finish, wood thickness, probably many other variables. What is the Sexauer secret sauce?
Looks like plenty of the sauces ingredients have been identified! Perhaps you are ready for the "masterclass". Ordinarily, I would recommend that a person had built a few guitars before considering such a class, but that is because otherwise they'd have no context within which to hold the information; they have to have encountered and considered the questions/answers you pose before there is any utility in the experience.

I wonder if my neck block is oversize as I hadn't considered it. It is 1 3/8 deep and 2 3/4 wide. I do not know what others do, and would like to, please. FYI, the tail block is 11/16 x 2 1/4 before I shape it. I do a somewhat sexier shape on the "standard" guitar than I do on a WRX, which I treat more like a Martin.

There is a good reason why my guitars usually perform well out of the box. Because I build one at a time and make a big deal out of sussing the true capabilities of the materials in each guitar individually, I am generally able to get each one closer to its actual limits of structural competence than a production builder could hope to. The differences between the pieces of wood are quite subtle, and the allowances made for them subtler yet, but essential if one to to have consistently superior results.

I do not believe that the skill set I am describing can be taught. It can be acquired, however, but it must be done over time, individually, and with the focus put in the right directions. A major thrust of the masterclass is to inspire the right questions and direct the inquiry for the answers. In this case it is all about response, tone, and balance without sacrificing longevity.

It is the sum of the total and the proportion of the ingredients, and somehow the written recipe falls short of communicating the magic. The secret ingredient, as always, is the chef.