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If you can slip a piece of paper through the crack, my advice is to steam it shut before attempting to glue it. If not, I would use Titebond or Elmer's Carpenter glue and run a bead on top of the crack. Push on one side of the crack to move the wood up and down a bit and work the glue into the crack. Then work the glue into the crack with your finger. When you are sure the glue in completely worked into the crack, clean up the excess glue with a rag or paper towel moistened with water. It is my opinion that you should not have to side clamp the crack to hold it shut. If it takes force to hold it shut, it will be under stress when you remove the clamp and it could crack again, maybe in a different place. I would stem it shut. There is a tool you can buy to do this or you can make one; I am sure someone has plans for it somewhere. I am aware of the steaming technique but I have never done it. It's ok if you have to clamp it to line the edges up, though. Put wax paper over the crack so your clamp doesn't stick to the glue. If you do have to vertically clamp it, use a caul made out of a piece of wood to spread the clamping force over the crack. Put another caul underneath, also with wax paper.

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