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K&Ks are, along with virtually every other piezo pickup, a one size fits some proposition. I bought a guitar, a D 35 Custom, that had K&Ks already in it. I hated them. After years of nothing but pickups matched to each guitar (Dazzos), I couldn't cope with the amount of bass I needed to roll off, everything my amp had and more from the pre. On a scale of 50 to 100, Dazzos generally come in increments of 10, with 50 being the least bass, and 100 being the most, my D 35 ended up with the first 55 set Teddy made. On the other hand, my Guild D 35 was happy with 70s, the pickup in the center of the range. So a K&K could be perfect for an average mahogany dread, but not ideal for many other guitars. I had a 0 size Pono that needed more bass and got 100s. Could you have a pickup you needed to boost bass for on a small guitar? Sure. I later got an 0 size Pono 12 string and 100s were too bassy so that got 90s. I have six guitars with only one getting the "average" 70 set. 70 is probably the one you could make work for all, hence the frequency response is probably close to the K&K.
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