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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post
Hi peanutavalon…
I wonder if you got an original Pure Mini (which is still sold, but advertised for 12 string guitars).

Those sensors were a full 15mm each and bassy, bassy, bassy (out of control bassy).

The new K&K Pure Mini sensors are 12mm and the tone is far better controlled.

Some people feel the preamp needs to be a certain impedance to operate correctly, but I've run them with about every preamp under the sun and have always been able to control/tame them (that's what tone & EQ controls are useful for).

Are you using an external preamp?

I think you’re right. I have a newer pick up in my possession and the diode heads are much smaller than what is installed in my older Collings. I’m going to have it pulled out and install the newer one. Too much bass.
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