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Originally Posted by peanutavalon View Post
Has the formula for the Kk mini remained the same or has it been tweaked over the years? I have one from 2010 that is boomier than the one I bought in 2019. Although the 2010 guitar is slightly more bass heavy. But nothing drastic.
Hi peanutavalon…
I wonder if you got an original Pure Mini (which is still sold, but advertised for 12 string guitars).

Those sensors were a full 15mm each and bassy, bassy, bassy (out of control bassy).

The new K&K Pure Mini sensors are 12mm and the tone is far better controlled.

Some people feel the preamp needs to be a certain impedance to operate correctly, but I've run them with about every preamp under the sun and have always been able to control/tame them (that's what tone & EQ controls are useful for).

Are you using an external preamp?


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