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Default Portable battery pack for PA?

Hey gang!

I have one of those JBL Eon One Compact rechargeable speakers with 3 channel mixer, reverb etc, its great for solo guitar and vox, however its not cutting it with my stompbox, cant use my regular pedalboard setup, struggles for volume as a band wedge with my direct electric setup, bass and electric drums. Its only 100 watt 8 inch driver i think... So im looking for something to power the regular setup.

My 240v single power board (AUS) setup is:

* Evolve50 1000watt speaker (usually only about -6dB)
* 2x LED Par cans
* Small 8 channel mixer
* 9v 1A Power supply running the looper and tuner (so minimal)
* iPad and LED Sign running off the power boards USB's
* 30cm (1 foot) fan (optional).

See the setup here in the duo:

I really just need 4 hours of power but since im a muso not an electrician i dont know what to look for spec wise for a suitable battery pack.
Im pretty sure my brothers camping "Ark Pack" (we have in aus) i used to play his sons birthday will be perfect but its basically a battery with an inverter and weighed a lot.

What kind of watts, mAh, pure sine, etc etc should i be looking for?

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