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Default 2011 Walter Millennium Classical, Brazilian Rosewood/Redwood

From venerable luthier and classical guitarist Steven Walter, we’ve got a special Millennium model in the shop today that is an absolute delight. This 2011 Millennium was Steven’s personal guitar for several years, and has the rich and opened up voice to prove it. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides over Redwood, an elevated fingerboard in Thomas Humphrey’s style, fan bracing up top and twin soundports flanking the neck heel. 650mm scale and a medium thickness neck; weighs in under four pounds; responsive to a range of attacks and articulate to a fault.

"Steven Walter was a personal friend of Thomas Humphrey, and he builds one of the finest millennium style instruments, clear and powerful yet beautiful over the entire fingerboard. This one was Steven‘s personal guitar for a number of years so you know it’s a great one." - Paul Heumiller

Price: $7,210

For more information please visit:

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