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Default Sunrise SB2 Dual Source Routing Question

Hi Friends,
I have a dual source routing question specifically involving the Sunrise SB2 preamp.

I have a Sunrise in a guitar wired to the tip of a stereo jack. The guitar also has a K&K in it that came with the guitar. When I dismantled the K&K I broke the connections at the solder joints and just taped the wires to the Sunrise cable. Meaning that the K&K could be used again.

I'm thinking of having the K&K put on the ring of the stereo jack and getting the Sunrise SB2 preamp but I want to make sure the SB2 will allow me to do 2 things:

1) Can I use a regular 1/4" cable into the input of the SB2 and just come out of the Sunrise output jack as just a single source (the Sunrise) basically using the SB2 as if it were an SB1?

2) Can I use a TRS cable into the input of the SB1 and just come out of the Aux output jack using the K&K as a single source?

It seems like this is exactly what the SB2 is designed to do (separate the two sources) and I can't figure out why I couldn't use either source on its own but I thought I would see if I could confirm this before moving forward.

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