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Originally Posted by Deliberate1 View Post
Friends, I would be very interested to know how you accomplished singers determined your vocal range.
Well, I'm not a "accomplished" singer by any means, but working out my voal range was easy. I hummed the lowest and highest notes I could comfortably reach and found them on the guitar.
My lowest is E (open 6th string) and my highest - on a good day with a following wind - is probably D, 3rd fret 2nd string; although I wouldn't want to have to hit it too often. Singing live I can usually hit the E above that.

Then I just looked up the vocal range classifications to discover that means I am a bass.

This is not rocket science!

I am totally untrained, and I know with a few lessons I could improve my tone and projection, certainly towards the top of my range. But I don't generally sing lead, and when I do I choose songs well within my comfort zone, or transpose them until they are.
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