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Originally Posted by Marty C View Post
I have a Martin D-16gt. I ordered this with a sunburst top and had a k & k installed at the dealer before I picked it up. At the dealer we plugged into their Ultrasound amp and the sound was great. When I returned home, I could;ít get the sound good in any system I had. I spent a ton on preamps and always seem to have feedback. Read a lot and assumed this was an impedance issue. So I purchased a k & k preamp.

I got together with a cousin I play with. He has a Martin 000-18 (same Spruce top and mahogany sides). He had a K & k put in by the same dealer. His guitar sound great plugged into anything with no or very little eq.

I just assumed as the OP that this must be the case - that pick was made to give more body to smaller guitars.

I since have installed an Anthem SL (which I like less than the k & k) and now a Fishman Matrix Infinity (which seems to be the best option so far).

The Fishman (UST only) has a way internally to adjust the mids. This seems to help this guitar a lot. It does not sound like the guitar unplugged, but maybe something I can work with using an IR loader with the help of Jon and Kuki.

Just my experiences. One thing I did notice when I took the k & k out. The two outside disk were green in color and large than the inside disk. With some internet research, I found this to be either a very old style or one that should have been installed in a 12 string. Therefore, the over pronounced bass and heavy mids that I was always trying to dial out.

Since the guitar was probably 5 years or older by the time I figured this out, I decided not to give any complaints to the shop where I bought it. However I havenít been back to that shop since.

Maybe I should try the correct one again?
It's very possible that you just had the wrong one installed. That's why I always order the pickup myself and then bring it in to have it installed. I have run into that issue before where the dealer thought they had the newest version of a pickup only for me to find out later on that they installed an older model.

With that said, it kind of sounds like what you require is not so much a natural tone as something that's super feedback resistant. How loud do you play? One option is the aura spectrum to pair with your Matrix.
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