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Originally Posted by J Patrick View Post
...I am definitely getting the sense that my suspicions are not based on a large enough sample size to be well founded....thanks for the responses thus far...

...I currently own three K&K equipped guitars....a self built 14 fret 000....a Santa Cruz Tony Rice and a Bedelll Coffehouse Parlor...basically a 12 fret 00....the self built 000 and the Bedell definitely sound better than the SC plugged in....both have a shallower body depth and neither has the big unplugged sound of SC....all three have a fairly light build with the 000 being the lightest....

....its just a curiousness on my part...I remain a loyal fan of K&K pickups...
Hi J Patrick

What are you using for a preamp to play your K&K equipped guitars through? And is your main use amps or PA systems?

There is certainly no harm in asking curious questions about one's experiences. And different results doesn't have to disqualify your experience.

With any pickup system the guitar it's plugged into, the preamp it's boosted by, the amp or PA that are reproducing the sound, and the venue it's being played in all affect the quality of the output/results.

Also how heavy your touch is a factor as well. Whether you are primarily a heavy strummer or quiet fingerstyle player or a mixture somewhere in between also affects how well internal pickups perform for people.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to guitars and their pickup systems.


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