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Originally Posted by J Patrick View Post
My experience with about 10 or so guitars that I have owned with would suggest as much. Your experiences/thoughts?

And would that be true of SBT’s in general?
Hi Patrick

Not for me here. I do NOT find them performing better in small body instruments, rather about the same.

I have 4 guitars with K&K Pure Mini pickups in them - a pair of OM (one handbuilt and one factory built with solid-top laminate-back) and a Dreadnought and a Mini-Jumbo (larger dimensions than a Dreadnought, but not as deep).

And I've heard a ton of local players with them installed in Dreadnoughts and they sound great, and don't present additional issues for getting great sound from the PA as smaller instruments.

If anything, I think they give the OM sized instruments a fighting chance in the mix, whereas the larger bodied instruments often work less hard to produce adequate tone/volume in ensemble settings.


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