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Originally Posted by J.R. Rogers View Post
Adding pictures to your post is easy. All the photos that you see on the AGF are hosted somewhere else - you don't actually upload photos to the AGF. There are a number of websites that do a better job of allowing you to manage your photos, albums, etc., and they are designed to work with forums like ours. The most popular are:

Once you upload your photos, they give you a link to your pictures which you can use on the forum or on your website, etc. The link looks something like this:

PHP Code:
you can insert images into your post using the Insert Image button or just cutting and pasting the link from photobucket/flickr into your message. The magic is in the [img] and [/img] tags that you put around the link to the image. This tag causes your image to be displayed on the forum if used correctly. Using the above example link, you get this:

Video walk-through:

Wow...!! That's really nice. Thanks for sharing

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